Ideapark Oulu

Open today 12–18 All opening hours


Bottle recycling
Tokmanni supermarket’s bottle recycling point is located in the A entrance lobby.

Cash dispensers (ATMs)
You can find a cash dispenser inside Ideapark next to the E entrance, near the restaurant section. You can also deposit money at the ATM.

Charging electric cars
There are two charging points for electric cars outside Ideapark. The charging point is located between the C and B entrances.

Currency dispenser
Next to the A entrance of Ideapark you can find the Forex currency exchange dispenser from which you can withdraw travel currency by using your bank card.

There are three defibrillators at Ideapark and they are located in the E entrance lobby, by the D entrance and in the A entrance lobby next to the medical centre Perusterveys.

For dogs
Dogs are not allowed inside the commercial city. However, you can bring your dog in the pet shop Musti ja Mirri by the A entrance.

At the entrances of Oulu Ideapark you can find info screens displaying the location of the businesses. Arnolds Cafe, which is located next to the main entrance C, serves as an Info desk and customer service point whenever the commercial city is open.

Lost and found
Lost and found items will be delivered at the Arnolds cafe which functions as the info service point for Ideapark near the main entrance C. Lost and found items will eventually be delivered further to the Pohjois-Pohjanmaan Löytötavarapalvelut Oy (Northern Ostrobothnia Lost and Found Ltd).

The services of Veikkaus, the Finnish national lottery and sports betting company, are available at Tokmanni next to the A entrance.

Mobile phone charging point
In the B entrance lobby of the Ideapark of Oulu you can find a charging point for mobile phones. You can charge your mobile phone for free, but the charging point requires a coin as a security.

Free parking spaces are available for the customers outside Ideapark. Parking spaces for the disabled are located next to the entrances. Parking in the designated spaces is limited during the night-time and parking is prohibited between 24.00 – 05.00. You can also find a charging point for electric cars outside Ideapark next to the B entrance.

Postal services
Oulu Ideapark has one letter box for outgoing post next to the D entrance. In addition to this, there is a SmartPOST parcel kiosk in the lobby of the B entrance.

Roller skates and scooters
It is forbidden to use roller shoes, roller skates or scooters inside Ideapark.

Sanitary facilities
The lavatories of Oulu Ideapark are free of charge. The toilets (including a toilet for the disabled) are located near the B entrance and the restaurant world section. The toilets also include a diaper changing station.

Ideapark has coin-operated storage lockers for the customers’ use. Storage lockers are located in the A entrance lobby.

In front of the D and C entrances you can find the OTAXI taxi stand.

Oulu Ideapark offers green trolleys for the customers’ use. You can pick up your trolley at the shelters outside the B, C, D, and E entrances. Ideapark trolleys have seats for toddlers. Additionally, you can find some trolleys with a baby safety cot. Some of the shops provide their own trolleys for the customers use inside the shop.

Oulu Ideapark has free WLAN which functions without separate passwords.


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