Have fun at Oulu Ideapark!

Skidipark indoors amusement park offers fun activities for the youngest members of your family. The fun-filled activities include sports games, several bouncy castles, dancing disco ball, slide, trampolines, ball pit, various rally games and many other fun activities! The indoors amusement park is located at the north end of Ideapark. In Skidipark you can have fun every day of the year, come rain or shine!

At the Skidikafe coffee shop which serves both adults and children at Ideapark you can enjoy light snacks – either sweet or savoury- , while you are having fun!

Organising birthday parties for children is easy at Skidipark!

Invite your best friends for a birthday party of a lifetime at Skidipark! More information about the birthday parties here! 

Opening hours and contacts

Mon-Fri 11-19, Sat 10-18, Sun 12-18.
Skidipark phone: +358 40 139 3660, email:


Entrance bracelet for the Skidipark indoors amusement park € 9/ child/day.
The bracelet includes entrance to Skidipark and all its activities.

Some of the amusements require a separate token. The entrance fee includes 5 tokens.

Extra tokens € 1/piece.

Supervisors who are over 16 years old can access Skidipark free of charge in the company of a child.

Babies under 12 months free of charge.

Toddlers under 24 months get 50 % discount of the entrance price.

The guardians are always responsible for supervising the children at the Skidipark indoors amusement park.
Children under 12 years old must always have a supervisor who is over 16 accompanying them at Skidipark.

At Skidipark you can purchase gift vouchers for € 9. These vouchers include one entrance fee and 5 tokens for amusements.

Group entrance

Group entrance € 7/child
Minimum size of the group is 20 paying children. The group must have at least one supervisor.
The group entrance includes one daily bracelet and 5 tokens for the amusements. 


Supervision of children is their guardian’s responsibility at all times during the indoor amusement park visit.
Children under 12 years of age at the park must be accompanied by a guest who is 16 years old or older.

To gain entry to the park you need a wristband. 
An all-day wristband allows unlimited activities at the indoor amusement park. If you have an all-day wristband, you can leave the park and return later as long as you do so within one day.  Adult guests and babies under 12 months do not need a wristband.

Please leave your shoes on the shoe rack and outdoor garments in the locker room. Please note, if you leave your clothes in the locker room, it is at your own risk. We also provide lockers which accept 1 euro coins. 

When entering the amusement park, please, wear indoor footwear or socks, do not come barefoot.

Wash your hands before entering the play area.

We offer a variety of refreshments at Skidikafe, please, do not bring your own food or beverages to Skidipark.
However, you are welcome to bring your water bottles with you.

Adult guests accompanying children shall ensure that children are considerate and show common courtesy to others

A person causing a disturbance may be removed from the premises. If you notice any disturbances or problems, please notify the staff

Skidipark is not liable to pay damages, if a device is not in use.

Please, observe the rules and guidelines regarding devices and activities.

Do the most important thing: enjoy your Skidipark experience and have fun!