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Skidipark is indoor amusement park in Ideapark.  Skidipark offers lot to do all children who want to have fun and experience the adventures! We can promise that children are happy to spend time in Skidipark. With bracelet you can spend all day here!

In the Skidipark amusement park you can have fun wheter it`s shining or raining!

Activities and services in Skidipark: E.g. Huge adventure labyrinth, bouncy castles, ball pool, simulators, battery cars and boats, trampolines, climbing wall, slides, dancing discoball, ballcannon, game machines, Skidikafe.

Children’s birthday party is easy to arrange at Skidipark in Ideapark. Invite your best friends along and have an unforgettable birthday at Skidipark. Skidipark rolls everything you need for an awesome birthday in one: friends, great time and good food. Welcome to celebrate your birthday at Skidipark. Read more.

Opening hours:
mon-fri 14-20
sat 10-18
sun 12-18

Entrance fees:
Children 9,- (including 5 game token)
Adults (over 16 year old) with children 0,-
Children under the age of 1  0,-
Children under the age of 2  -50%

The entrance bracelet entitles to an unlimited time of uninterrupted play in the Skidipark. All supervisors over the age of 18 go to Skidipark exercise adventure parks free of charge. All people below the age of 18 entering the play zone must pay the entrance fee.

Skidipark tel. 020 110 2210

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