Good to know

Ideapark offers you wide range of services:

Ideapark’s Infodesk is at your service in C-entrance (cafe Arnolds) according to Ideapark’s opening hours. City maps can be found from Arnolds Infodesk. The city map can be seen here.  There are also touch screen infodisplays in every entrances.

Sanitary Rooms
There are two sanitary rooms (including disabled toilets) in Ideapark. All sanitary rooms include also child care rooms. Sanitary rooms are free of charge.

Cash Points
Cash point is situated next to E-entrance.

There are 20 smaller lockers for bags and jackets. They are situated next to A-entrance. Lockers are free of charge but need a pledge of 1 € which will be returned.

Lost & Found
Lost & Found can be asked from Ideapark Infodesk (Arnolds). Lost & Found will be forwarded to Pohjois-Pohjanmaan löytötavarapalvelut Oy (= local lost & found agency) two times in month.

There is a free WLAN which operates without any passwords.

Wheelchairs and Electric Mopeds
Ideapark have two wheelchairs which can be loaned free of charge from Ideapark Infodesk

Roller skates and Skateboards
Using roller skates or skateboards is forbidden in Ideapark.

For Dogs
Dogs are not allowed in Ideapark. Anyway dogs are welcome to fit clothes at Musti & Mirri and Hööks stores. There is a dog park near to A entrance. Dog park is not in use on wintermonts. Use at your own risk.