Oulu Ideapark is an excellent place for various promotions and events, such as product presentations, tastings and other public-oriented events. Here You will definitely get the attention of the customers!


Promotion 2,2 m x 2,2 m
Indoor 160 €
Outdoor 145 €

Promotion 4 m x 4 m
Indoor 320 €
Outdoor 290 €

Promotion 8 m x 8 m
Indoor 500 €
Outdoor  415 €

Premises available for larger promotions, too.
10% discount for bookings exceeding two days. 24% VAT will be added in the prices.

The promotion price includes Wifi. Electricity available on separate request. Exhibition walls, floor mats, belt posts, platforms of different sizes and mobile audiovisual equipment and PA system will be available for a separate fee. The promotion locations are situated in the entrance lobbies of Ideapark. The lobby of the B entrance is the biggest one in Ideapark and it provides promotions and events with great visibility by reaching majority of the customers arriving in Ideapark. Ideapark’s Internet and Facebook sites, Mall Voice and Ideapark advertisements in Forum24 newspaper provide marketing channels that support the promotions. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us and we will plan a promotion package that matches your exact needs!

Ask about promotions:

We kindly ask you to make your promotion bookings at least seven (7) days before the planned promotion date. Book the location for your promotion in time!